Miha Hančič

Miha Hančič (1986), who uses a pseudonym miha ha, is a comic book author, illustrator and skater. He graduated from the Faculty of Education with his authorial comic book Obisk (A Visit). He published a mini comic at the Stripburger and had his illustrations exhibited at the 10th biennale of illustration. He received his first zlata hruška award for his illustrations in Moje ime je Skywalker (My name is Skywalker). He publishes his comic books in magazines Galeb, Ciciban in Stripburger. When Miha is not drawing, he loves to walk in the woods, to go hiking, to learn a trick with his skate, plays board games with his friends or reads good books in the company of his cats. He loves chocolate and hates salad, but not because it is green but because it is sour. He will be illustrating fairy tales of Žiga X Gombač, Damjana Kenda Hussu and Jana Bauer.

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