Cvetka Sokolov

Cvetka Sokolov (1963) graduated from the Faculty of Arts in 1988. Her first job was to teach English and German in two Slovene high schools. In 1992 she was employed as an English teacher at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, where you can still find her. She started publishing her stories, puzzles and songs for children in Cicido and Ciciban. Her first picture book, Rdeča Hiša (The Red House), was released in 2004, followed by Šola ni zame (School’s not for me) in 2005, Ponočni nikoli ne veš (Night brings unanswered questions) in 2006, Ah, ti zdravniki! (Oh, those doctors!) in 2007 and many others. In 2013 her first youth novel was published, titled Kar ne ubije (What doesn’t kill), which received an award modra ptica.