Boštjan Gorenc - Pižama

Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama (1977) is a comedian and translator who enthralled Slovene youth with translating book series The Adventures of Capitan Underpants and Mr. Gum. His older fans are especially happy he translated fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin from A Song of Ice and Fire series. He wrote a bestseller sLOLvenski klasiki (sLOLvene classics) and together with Matej de Cecco published two notebooks of comics about Šnofljeva druščina (Šnofelj’s company). In 2017 the publication of two picture books awaits him (don’t worry – the pictures are not his). He likes to try out his fairy tales on vivacious children. When his fingers take a break from running around his keyboard, he likes to jump around standup stages during the performance called 50 odtenkov njive (50 shades of fields) and records podcasts about a popular culture Glave.